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Introduction Slot machines are the most popular online slots casino around the world. And no matter, land Casino or Internet. Before you start playing slots strongly recommend good study the rules and run them in the free versions of their games can be found in the relevant section of the Casino Knowledge Base. You can skip this, but ignorance of the rules will cost you money. Talking from experience. Basic information about slot machines The essence of the slots to bring a winning combination of game characters to get the jackpot. Slots machines are presented, in which no fewer than three reels. Often 5 drums, and sometimes even more. Whenever you lower the lever machine, drums begin to spin. In the case of online casino, simply click on the button to start the drums. Slots are extremely popular due to cosmic amounts of jackpots. In our "news" section I a few times a month publish announcement that someone somewhere has won 2-3-4 million euros or dollars. And all these WINS solely in slot machines. Gameplay To start the game, you must select a coin size using the buttons at the bottom of the screen. In most cases, the betting range is wide enough. The game starts when you insert a coin and pull the handle (click the button). When a call is ringing or light is blinking, it means that the player is already in the game. After you stop the reels you should press the "cash out" to pick up the accumulated amount. If you have already played online casino slots, we noticed that the process of the game described is not correct. And noticed correctly, as described in the process of playing a real slot machine. In online casino slot everything easier: chose your stake per line, number of lines playable and pressed Spin or Deal. Few win-win automatically, no-run drums again. Step by step instructions Perhaps you know that slot machines offer payout table, under which will be paid for a winning combination. You should not have to choose a slot machine that does not have a payment table or chart! Betting on slots at online casinos are determined by the face value of the coin. The higher the rate, the higher the payout for one and the same combination. To make a bet, select a coin value. This denomination and will be winning coins (of course, if you win). Then, throw coins into the machine by clicking on "Bet One" button, if you want to bet one coin on each spin. Account will be reduced by the amount of coins. If you have enough game account, you can select "Bet Max" button and put a maximum on each line. Once you do that, the drums will start to rotate. Reels slot machine online casino can rotate together or separately, and then stop with a set of random characters. If characters are added together combinations — get the win. Slots rules are similar to video poker. You don't need a lot of time to master not only the rules, but also strategy. If you have any problems in the process of exploring the game, go back to our leadership and to carefully reread it, you can't go wrong!

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